Sunday, March 6, 2016

Carnival Cruise to Grand Cayman Review

Most Fascinating Place I've Visited

In 2009, my husband, son, Dad , sister in law and brother in law took a Carnival cruise to Grand Cayman. We were supposed to be sailing to Cancun also but that stop was changed,  and we spent 2 days in Grand Cayman. The 1st day was the best, we were the only ship in port so we decided to do our excursion then.

All of us thought snorkeling and swimming with the stingrays in Stingray City would be awesome. Getting the excursion off the boat was the best option for us. For $20.00 per person, we were taken to a spot for 45 minutes of snorkeling, which was absolutely amazing. The water was so clear and calm that day.

We got to see the beautiful colors of the fish, conch on the bottom and even turtles swimming along with us. After the time snorkeling, we got back on the boat and headed to Stingray City. It is a fabulous spot where all the stingrays seem calm and they know that people will be there daily to touch, swim and feed them. They seem so docile but we all know they can be deadly killers. My son was kind of scared of them, but had a blast touching and even kissing one! To feed them, all you do is hold a shrimp in your hand and they will glide over your hand sucking up the shrimp. It felt weird, but it was amazing to see these creatures and how they have adapted to the humans in their environment.

After Stingray City, we rode in the van and were dropped off at Seven Mile Beach. Walking into the beach area, there were little lizards scooting around, amazing beautiful flowers and lots of palm trees. Seven Mile Beach is a beautiful place to stop and admire the glistening blue green water. If you love beaches, this isn't one to miss. My sister in law talked us into walking back to the ship, that was a hike~ ha ha. On our way back we were amazed by the iguanas that were just roaming the roads along with us. Some were laying in the sun, others were hanging out in trees and some would run from us trying to take pictures. Finally back on board the ship, we headed out to sea for the night and then back into Grand Cayman the next day. On the 2nd day, we were joined by 3 other Carnival ships. It was crowded so we decided to do a little shopping and the tourist thing. They have Margaritaville and the Harley shop, of course we headed into them. Just walking through the town and gazing at the buildings, I love the feel of the Caribbean. Grand Cayman is an amazing place to visit, I would love to spend a week or so there. I would recommend everyone visiting there at least once!

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