Monday, February 11, 2019

Adventures by Disney- Greece

We did our Greece ABD in 2017 and they've since tweaked the itinerary a little (and added some awesome things!) but I thought I'd share why we loved visiting Greece! 


Acropolis Tour It was amazing to visit the ancient citadel high above Athens that is home to historic ruins, including the famed Parthenon.  As always, having a local Greek guide that was full of information made the visit that much more meaningful and educational.  I'll never forget the awe in standing out, looking at Mars Hill, where Paul spoke to the Areopagus. It was an extremely hot day when we visited and the guides made sure everyone had plenty of water... Guide Kacey even had a mister bottle she walked around cooling anyone off that wanted it.  How's that for service?

  • Delphi Another amazing historical stop! We learned more Greek history at the mystical home to the Delphic Oracle and the Temple of Apollo.  The local guide talked us through everything we were seeing and, as usual, I learned SO much more than if I had just been wandering on our own!
  • Volcano Hike This  “lava walk” on Santorini went to the volcano’s rim and it was an exhilarating hike for sure!  Our local guide taught us all about the formation, volcanic activity, fumeroles, etc and it was worth every step up to be rewarded with the amazing views from the top. 
  • Aegean Sea Swim & Natural Springs Everyone loved the dip in the sea!  Some of us spread the mineral mud from the bottom of the natural springs... some of us would rather watch.  But all had fun!
  • Volcan Winery Great family-owned winery at the base of a mountain.  Delicious wines and a fabulous meal!  They also had a cute underground museum teaching about the history of wine making in the region.  I love that ABD always plans kid-friendly activities during wine tastings as well so adults can listen and enjoy, and the kids get to do their own fun thing!  
  • Oia Exploration Ahhhh... the iconic Greek town of Oia!  Exploring this small town that offered a cityscape of white and blue-domed houses was everything I had seen in pictures.  The ABD guides knew *just* the right spot for the best photo ops as well and they made sure every family had their iconic visit captured perfectly!
  • Spinalonga Fortress  Beautiful medieval ghost town & fortress that we got to explore at first with a guide, and then more on our own.  This former leper colony is steeped in history and stories, and taking kids here is such a powerful learning opportunity!
  • Tsaziki-making We always love a cooking class with ABD!  Making this yogurt-and-cucumber dip was easy to learn and SO good to eat.  
  • Kombolói-making Of course, what trip would be complete unless you got to make a cultural craft! We made your own kombolói, or “worry beads” in a private class.  Lots of beautiful beads to choose from and I always love how each of our family members makes the perfect craft that represents their personality.
  • Cretan Mountain Village Walk This was probably our favorite activity, and I had totally ignored what the visit to Crete even was!  We got to stroll through the olive groves and see the sights of this rustic village in the Cretan mountains.  The sights, the people, the FOOD... Crete is definitely some place we would visit again. 

  • By: Heather Williams

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