Friday, March 7, 2014

What do Disneyland Package Travel Documents Look Like?

When booking a trip to Disneyland, one of the first things you decide is where to stay and how to book it.  I'm sure you go over your options with your travel agent and consider questions such as:

1.  Stay onsite or off?
2.  Book a Disney package or separate components?
3.  How many park ticket days should I get?

I thought it would be helpful to see one of the perks you get for booking a Disney package (either at an onsite or one of their Good Neighbor resorts)!

A few weeks before your trip, Disney will send these to your travel agent, who will include his/her own special touches for your trip and send the goodies to you!  Here is what you might get from Disney:

Cute, right?

In your packet, several things may come:

  • a recap of your package (hotel, type of ticket, Magical extras, dining, insurance, other types of passes)
  • vouchers
  • suggestions for making your trip more memorable
  • park passes
  • Magical extras (currently items such as a free ride photo, collectible pin & lanyard, ESPN Zone $10 game card, and transportation for shopping)
  • Really awesome, quality luggage tags

Those of you used to Disney World documents that are helpful and cute but not necessary should know that Disneyland documents are different and hold actual tickets and necessary NEED these documents.

Have a Magical Friday!

By Lucy at Travel Time
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Walt Disney World's Magic Bands Questions and Answers

With the New Disney Magic Bands out there are so many questions so we thought we may answer some of them for you! 

1. What is the Disney Magic Band?

A. Disney Magic Bands are part of Disney's Next Generation initiative so far only at Walt Disney  World to integrate all aspects of the guest experience in their " My Disney Experience" Account. The Magic Band is a actual band you wear on your wrist. Each person of your party 3 and up will get one when staying on Disney Resorts property. (AP and Florida Residence are still in testing as of 3.4.14)

2. Who gets the Disney Magic Bands?

A. Anyone staying on site at a Walt Disney World Resort will receive a Disney Magic Band. Off site guest will not receive the Disney Magic Bands (including those staying at the Swan & Dolphin, Shades of Green & The Bonnet Creek Area)

3. What does the Disney Magic Band do?

A. The Disney Magic Band is the key to everything in your My Disney Experience account.  You will use it to open your resort room door;if you have tickets you use it to enter the parks; if you left a credit card on file you will use it to charge back to your room account (with a PIN code);if you have the Disney Dining Plan you use it to "pay" for your meals using your credits; if you've made Fasspass+ reservations9in which you should!) you use it to enter the fastpass queues; if you are using Disney Magical Express you use it yo the check-in fr your transfers. The Disney Magic Band operates using RFID technology and to access all of the features you touch the Mickey head on the band to the Mickey head on the door, payment pad and or entry point, etc.

4. Are the Disney Magic Bands adjustable?

A. Yes, the Disney Magic Band you will receive is one size fits all. You can adjust the band following the instructions that accompany the band, there is a grey outer edge to the band that makes it large enough for larger adults, and that band can be removed to fit wrist as small as a toddler. There are several holes to make it fit your wrist.

5. Can I customize my Disney Magic Band?

A. Yes the Disney Magic Band you will receive can be customize as long as you book your reservation far enough in advance you can choose the color you prefer (and the name on the inside of the band): pink, red, blue, green, orange, yellow 7 grey are the choices. Once you arrive in the Walt Disney World offers several items that you can purchase to enhanced your ban--Covers, Magic Bandits (inserts that go in the holes) and Magic Sliders that fit over the center of the band. Here is a picture of some even paining theirs to match their favorite Disney theme.
6.Can I get it wet?

A. Yes you can! Keep in mind popular attractions like Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids, it is safe to get your Disney Magic Band wet.

7. When do I get my Disney Magic Bands?

A. As long as you book more than 30 days in advance currently living in the United States you bands will be mailed to you so you can take them on vacation with you. If you book your vacation less than 30 days in advance or live outside the US, your bands will be waiting on you at your resort check in desk.

8. What if I lose my Disney Magic Band?

A. Not to worry each Magic band has a 4 digit pin code at check in to access charging privileges with your band and the entry points still utilize the fingerprint scan to match you to your band, so it can't be used without that information. You will need to visit your resort frond desk or guest relations to get a new band and right now your only choice is grey.

9. What are the Magical Features associated with the bands?

A. The bonus features that will roll out soon are personal greetings from the characters, Mickey singing happy Birthday, custom message on attractions such as It's a Small World and more.

10. Will I get a new Disney Magic  on every Disney trip?

A. Although the bands are designed to be reused, Disney is currently offering new Disney Magic Bands each time you visit. It seems that as long as your Disney Magic Band is listed as active in your "My Disney Experience" account you can continue to use it on a subsequent trip. Even having more than 1 active Disney Magic Band with you. A different one to match each outfit if you want! There is a limited battery life for the RFID chip to transmit, so if your trips are spread out over a few years your original band might not work anymore.

Check back for a new Blog that will show you How Travel time Agents Disneyfied their Bands!