Friday, January 25, 2019

Adventures by Disney- Central Europe

Our Central Europe ABD was one of the greatest metropolitan adventures we've ever done!  Prague was a beautiful city to explore with so much history to learn.  We had some AMAZING food experiences throughout the trip, but one of my favorites was our walking food tour through Prague.  Never have I had so many authentic, delicious bites and I'm really missing the sausages right about now.  

Salzburg was probably my favorite city with beautiful scenery everywhere.  Salzburg was also my favorite stop because our Sound of Music tour was out of this world!  So many movie moments and even a special treat at the gazebo (shhh... can't tell but maybe you can figure it out from the pics!).  We truly enjoyed our dinner at St. Peter Stiftskeller restaurant and loved getting to know our trip mates even better.  One of our Salzburg days, we had to option of hiking to the Ice Cave, or going to a local farm for a cheese making class.  We chose the cheese making and it was the BEST morning ever!  We toured the small family farm, learned how to make cheeses from the farmer's wife, and had an amazing cheese tasting time.  I love that ABD incorporates alternate activities if there's something that might need one.  We chose the cheese making since we had been in Norway and Iceland prior and were ready to not be around ice. Ha! 

Another day in Salzburg was spent in the salt mine (super fun!) and at a local brewery for beer tasting!  If you don't drink, no worries... ABD always makes sure everyone is covered and they offered a number of non-alcoholic drinks including a local lemonade made with hops.  It was delicious!  

We made our way to Vienna for the last few days of our trip. We started our time with a tour of Shonbrunn Palace and a strudel making demonstration.  Absolutely yummy! An evening private after-hours  tour of the Vienna Zoo was really fun, as was the dinner inside the zoo under the Emperor's Pavillion.   The next day was full of more fun with time at the Spanish Riding School (we went inside the stables while everyone else had to watch from behind the glass walls), and a private waltz class with a great teacher.  I was SO proud of my husband and 15yo son for taking part and rocking the waltz!  Definitely will always treasure the memory of waltzing with my hubby in Vienna... and we would have NEVER done that without ABD! 

Something we really appreciated on this particular trip was the amount of on your own time given, especially in Vienna.  There are SO many choices of things to do, or you can just take it easy and take a nap.  YOU get to decide your pace for free time!  We've learned to really value that free time built in.  We've found that when ABD gives you on-your-own time, it's because there's interesting things to see, do, and eat in your location.

By: Heather Williams

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