Saturday, December 29, 2018

Adventures by Disney - San Francisco

I love the Short Escapes offered by ABD!  They offer the perfect taste of an ABD without having to get away for a week or more at a time.  This little whirlwind of San Francisco was the perfect weekend.  Some of our favorite highlights:


San Francisco Bay Bike Tour You could pedal along the edge of the Bay and into the Golden Gate National Park Recreation Area for a beautiful tour of the area.  We are not bikers though, but we never worry because we know ABD always plans a good alternate activity.  For this trip, it meant a guided motor-coach tour of the city!  We loved sitting back and relaxing with our family and a few friends and seeing the beautiful city from that vantage point.  
 Golden Gate Bridge Visit The guides made sure we had LOTS of opportunities to get those iconic photos everyone wants when they visit San Francisco!  I love visiting cities with guides who are "in the know" about perfect photo spots because I'm not sure if I would have been able to find them all.  And, there's something to be said for having someone there to take all your photos so you can be IN the pictures too!

 Muir Woods National Monument The giant redwoods towering hundreds of feet above us was breathtaking.  Muir Woods is set up beautifully for an easy hike through the forest and I loved having family free time here to just explore a bit.
    Walt Disney Family Museum One of the best curations of Disney knowledge and artifacts I've seen.  This one stop makes the whole trip worthwhile!  You start with a private guided tour which is always valuable in that you learn so much insider information.  After our tour ended, we had free time to either visit the shop, check out more items in the lobby, or revisit.   With tons of information, actual mementos and artifacts from Walt's life as well as Disney in general, and a farewell room that brought tears to my eyes, we actually went through the museum a second time on our own just to take it all in.

   Silverado Vineyards What fun we had at this Disney family vineyard in Napa!  The afternoon was full of yummy lunch, beautiful scenery, a great tour of the winery with delicious wine tasting (or alternate drinks if you don't like wine), and we finished up with a SUPER fun grape stomp competition.  We split into teams and rolled up our pants to see who could produce the greatest output and perfect our method.  Those that didn't want to stomp were able to hang back and cheer us on!  Lots of laughs and I'm not sure how productive we actually were, but it was fun working with trip mates to perfect our strategy!
 Yoda Fountain Photo Op at Lucasfilm Of course we loved the stop at this iconic fountain, and we loved our little private tour of the Lucasfilm offices.  Loads of memorabilia to snap pics with... Darth Vader or Ninja Turtles anyone?!

By: Heather Williams

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