Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review of Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and Sugar Loaf Concierge at Walt Disney World, October 2015

The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at Disney World is the ultimate Disney resort experience, as well as the ultimate price!  It is my favorite, after years of debating internally with myself I have finally admitted that my favorite spot in all of Disney World resorts is Sugar Loaf concierge level at the Grand Floridian.

We chose the Grand Floridian for our Disney portion of our vacation to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday. Originally I had a room at the Polynesian reserved, but I saw Sugar Loaf (shown as outer lodge club level when booking) open up at a good rate and snagged it.  It is THE deluxe of the Deluxe Disney Resorts.

The Grand is dreamy...years ago one of my girls decided the wedding dress in the window of one of the shops was going to be her wedding dress.  I've seen Cinderella's Carriage with a bride and white horses there, and it is just a magical place.

Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland are big parts of the theme, and it is luxurious and decadent. 

Facts...the Grand is considered the flagship resort of Walt Disney World.  It is large, with two pools, a marina which houses boats to rent (and the Grand Yacht), 6 restaurants including one devoted to afternoon High Tea and another with character appearances, two different levels of concierge (Sugar Loaf and Royal Palm Club) and is one of only three resorts on the monorail (not counting the respective resort villas), which is a massive benefit.  It is a popular choice for wedding parties and photographs, has fun shopping, and a live orchestra overlooking the lobby.  In summation, it is awesome.

We had informed the concierge team that we would be arriving around 1 PM, and I received a text and an email with our room number and links to a map (see blog about online check in and Magicbands). 

When we arrived at the resort via private car, we let the bell services gentleman know we are concierge guests and need to check in.  The check in process as concierge guests is different,  since they meet us, take us to our room, ect.

I love the Sugar Loaf building. It is a central location, and private, with Magicband access to the building only for guests of that building.  The lounge has been redone since my last visit, and is on the first floor as you enter the building from either side.

I seriously wanted to take this chair home with me

The rooms

The rooms have been redone, and are simply gorgeous. 

New Room

Old Room

I much prefer the new style, less floral and more luxurious.

Very comfortable, standard size rooms have two queen beds and a couch that flips into a bed.  Pull out nestle tables are nice, there is a fridge, lots of storage areas, complimentary robes for the duration of your stay, and very well laid out bathrooms.

The bedding is just yummy, the sheets feel like soft marshmallows and turndown service is included.

There are a lot of different room types at the Grand Floridian, some you can book, some are available only by request.  The main building houses rooms that are strictly Royal Palm Club concierge guests.  The only concierge level rooms in other buildings are the suites that are spread out in different areas.

The artwork is awesome

They sent a little something for my daughter's birthday

Toiletries are the best at the Grand Floridian!  They use the same H20 Sea Marine products as Disney Cruise Line does, and they are amazing.  We all have long hair and they were happy to bring us extras.  You can also purchase the toiletries at the resort, and I've scored some of them for deep discounts on Zulily occasionally.

One thing I think is so classy is instead of housekeeping carts, Mousekeepers at the Grand Floridian place wicker baskets outside of each room with fresh linens, robes, towels, ect.  It just adds an organized touch.

The Concierge Lounge

Concierge at the Grand Floridian is the best.  Two different club levels offer you a choice, and they both have the most comprehensive food offerings than all of the other resort concierge levels.

You can go to the lounge desk during business hours for help with dining, directions, room bills, magicband issues, requests.  They are very helpful.  You'll also find papers available for guests to take.



One thing that is different at the Grand Floridian than all of the other Deluxe resorts is that concierge level, both of them, offer an Afternoon Tea each day, included for club level guests

Evening appetizers and desserts

You can watch fireworks from the Grand nightly, and there are also resort activities such as movies on the beach.  You can rent small watercrafts for cruising the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake.  You can see the Contemporary, the Polynesian Village, and the Magic Kingdom from many different areas (and some of the rooms).  As far as views, if you want a true theme park view, it will cost you plenty here...upwards of $150 extra per night.

For information on the onsite restaurants and for more pictures, click HERE

The Grand Floridian also is home to Senses Spa, which is world class and amazing.  Reservations can be made by your travel agent or by calling 407-WDW-SPAS.  For information click HERE

The attention to detail at the Grand Floridian is top notch, so if you are looking for a little luxury to go with your Disney, this is a great choice!


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T-Rex at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, complete with roaring dinosaurs and meteor showers! Dining Review

T-Rex is such a fun place to dine!

After years of enjoying Rainforest Cafes in various places, we decided to try T-Rex on our recent trip to Walt Disney World in October, located at the newly rechristened Disney Springs.

T-Rex is similar to Rainforest as it has moving animals, but instead of jungle creatures you'll encounter dinosaurs!  Instead of rain, you'll see a meteor shower.  This restaurant, in one word, is cool.

T-Rex is hard to get a reservation for.  The reason is not just because it is popular...T-Rex is the one restaurant that doesn't allow Disney to book most of their tables.  When I worked Dining reservations, T-Rex usually only had a handful of reservations available, even 180 days out.  If you want a reservation and you don't want to wait with a pager in your hand for two hours as a walk in, there are two ways to accomplish this.

1. Book your vacation with a good travel agent...some of us have a couple of tricks up our sleeves!

2. Become a Landry's Select club member

Give yourself some time to get to T-Rex, as it is in the middle of the sprawl that makes up the ever expanding Disney Springs. 

The octopus over the bar is just simply awesome.  Moving slightly here and there, you actually sit under it!

The T-Rex dino makes for a great photo opp.

We sat in the ice cave where the meteor shower was particularly interesting, and the walls were various colors the whole time we dined.

Once we were sat, it took a long while for anyone to come to our table, and we had to be somewhere else after the meal.  Finally I said something, and then they were extremely solicitous, bending over backwards to help us and speed things up.  It would have been nice to be able to relax a bit though instead of feeling rushed.

I walked around for a bit exploring, and you should too...just make sure to go one at a time so you don't get in the servers' way. 

My daughter ordered an appetizer tower for dinner

And I ordered a pulled pork sandwich

All of our food was quite good!

Be aware when ordering a beer.  They gave me the choice of two draft sizes, I picked the larger one, and voila, I was handed a souvenir glass when we were getting ready to pay.  I had no idea I was ordering a souvenir version.  I did get to keep a cool glass so I wasn't upset, but it is significantly more costly.

If you have kids, boys, or dino enthusiasts, this is definitely a great place to experience!  Even the bathroom doors are themed!

By Lucy

Let us make your vacation even easier!  We'll help you plan from the start and can advise you and handle your arrangements, including dining, fast passes, room requests, discount application, and celebrations.  We are the same price or less than if you book on your own, and you get us for FREE!  Have an expert on your side at zero cost to you and contact one of our agents today!