Tuesday, October 6, 2015


After reading countless blogs and Facebook posts about whether or not Cinderella's Royal Table is worth it or not, regarding pricing, and the fact that this restaurant requires 2 table service credits, I decided to
examine this issue myself!
Keep in mind that this post is my personal opinion, and is nothing more nothing less, those of you who value my opinion, here it is:)
My daughter and I made the trek in the pouring rain, thunder and lightning , towards the castle, bursting with excitement , because we were off to have dinner in the castle, THE CASTLE!! The one and only, Cinderella's castle in the middle of the magic Kingdom!!
I have to say that even as a little girl, my mother said that you could just walk through, the castle, that there is nothing in there, it was just a prop! Even then I dreamed of what might be up there, and now, 42 years old, I finally have a royal invitation ,along with my daughter, Sydney, to dine at the castle , like royalty, with all of the other lucky Ladies and Lords of the Royal Court!
We checked in at 5 minutes before 7, and were immediately led down the hallway, where we were to meet the lovely Cinderella in all of her beauty! She so lovingly and sweetly walked up to greet, every person, young or old,and knelt down to each and every small child , hugs were served freely, taking a minute or 2 to talk with each one, taking them by the hand and leading them to the backdrop to have their picture made, and autograph signed! 

At this point, trying to get my shirt signed,I got starstruck, dropping my sharpie twice, as the fair Cinderella said to me, "it's ok! I've been excited to meet you too!"
After your picture is taken by the professional photographer , you are invited to wait until your name is called to go up the staircase to Cinderella's Royal Table!
This was one of my favorite times, people watching, seeing the look on everyone's faces as they get their chance to meet Cinderella! 

The bells ring and suddenly we hear, "SMITH PARTY, Her Royal Highness has extended her Royal invitation !
Hearts skip a beat and we are led up the staircase to the beautiful dining room, encircled with stained glass windows, grand chandeliers, Royal wallpaper , and we are seated and presented our menu smile emoticon.

Sydney and I opted for the crawfish, shrimp and grits for our appetizer, and the steak and shrimp was our main course , and for dessert, I had the clock strikes twelve while Sydney chose the dessert trio .I must say that I enjoyed this meal more than any other meal while at Disney hands down! It was absolutely delicious !
During our meal, there would be a short version of each fairy tale and an introduction of another princess, who would wisk out into the dining room and make her rounds to visit with each and every table, take photos and sign autographs , never making us feel rushed or silly for being adults! I honestly felt as if I were 4 yrs old and had so much fun feeling that way!

We met Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel, and of course, Cinderella!
Our server was very attentive and took care of every detail of our meal, she was friendly and I appreciated her service.
As for the price and 2 table credits, considering that it is a character meal, the food was delicious , 5 princesses,and gratuity is included in the price. I spent 20-40 dollars on gratuity on every single meal while at Disney , my vote .....
Cinderella's Royal Table.....

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