Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Ultimate Magic: The Most Magical Rides at Disney World

The Ultimate Magic: The Most Magical Rides at Disney World

I think we can all agree that all of the rides at Walt Disney World are built with pixie dust, magic, and a lot of Imagineering.  In my opinion, there is a handful that truly personify magic.  Everyone has their favorites, but here are mine, starting with 10 and ending with the number one magical ride!

10) Dinosaur
Located at Animal Kingdom, Dinosaur is definitely not for anyone that has neck injuries already!  It jerks you around and you bump your way through the ride.  However, it is both giggle and terror filled as the dinosaurs come at you.  The scenery is cool to look at, the special ride vehicles are like huge four wheelers on drugs, and adults scream too which is always funny.

9) Peter Pan
This one is very slow, and the lines are always very long, but it is classic Disney Imagineering.  Instead of gliding along in a ride vehicle of some type, you fly along in your ride vehicle, which is a ship.  You fly over the cute little Peter Pan scenes, and it is a soothing, sweet ride even infants can enjoy.

8) Expedition Everest
In Animal Kingdom, this roller coaster is very unique in that it actually stops in the middle of its journey and then goes backwards.  The Yeti is nice and scary as it tries to swipe at the coaster as you scream on by.  The scenery is amazing and you get great views of the park as well.  As a roller coaster, it is top notch.

7) Tower of Terror
Hollywood Studios boasts a very visual, eye catching structure in the Tower of Terror.  From a distance, it may even look like a hotel.  Up close and in the spooky lobby, it is staged perfectly, with cobwebs, creepy corners, and a sense of foreboding.  The ride itself is truly terrifying, and you never know when you are going to drop again, or when it is going to stop!

6) Kilimanjaro Safari
This ride takes you from Africa to Asia when the turn of a vehicle.  Animals are always a huge draw, and these animals are up close and personal to your ride vehicle (well, besides the crocs and lions, but they still look really close).  The Imagineers did a spectacular job in hiding enclosures and barriers, and you truly feel like you are out on safari.
5) Space Mountain
Space is a staple at the Magic Kingdom.  You sit in little capsules and take a coaster journey inside a big dome, glimpsing views of other capsules by their fluorescent edges.  Inside the dome it is a pretty traditional roller coaster, but the setting is one of a kind.

4) Soarin’
Ah, Soarin’.  Not SOARING, which is a pet peeve of mine.  Sail through the air over all of the beautiful parts of California.  Smell the orange groves; see fireworks up close and personal.  Soarin’ is truly a magical ride, even if you are in a row that shows feet above you!

3) Toy Story Mania
I have to say, and please ignore my poor grammar, that this is the absolute funnest ride.  The first time I rode this I giggled like a 6 year old girl through the whole thing.  Instead of shooting a trigger, you pop a ball, and all kinds of fun things come out.  And did I mention, it is 3D?

2) Haunted Mansion
I want to be the 1000th happy haunt in this ride.  I think it would be spookfunular to live in the mansion (wait, that isn’t a word).  My favorite scene is the ballroom where the ghosts dance and I always strain to catch a glimpse of the Mickey head laid out in the china plates.

1) Splash Mountain
“How do you do, its mighty fine to meet you!”  LOVE the song throughout the ride.  Love that it is a long ride with much to enjoy.  Love catching glimpses of the rear end of Brer Bear. Love the view of the castle at the top of the big drop, and heck, love the big drop.  Love the magic experienced by this ride.
I think the definition of magic is to experience something that makes you feel good.  Each of these rides are magical in their own way, but they all have one thing in common…they all make me feel good!