Friday, March 18, 2016

Getting Engaged at Disney! Magical Moments and Ideas

…..And They Lived Happily Ever After!

Every little girl dreams about their wedding day, but for me it was always about the proposal. Call me crazy when I say this but I knew in my heart that if he didn't propose the right way, then I'd never say yes. Horrible, I know. Here's the thing though – my idea of an amazing proposal wasn't that hard. I didn't want it on a private yacht in the middle of the Atlantic with a 9 piece string quartet! For me, it was simply a Disney proposal!

Luckily for me, I got one!!  This past February, my boyfriend and I planned a weekend trip with our two kids, so that I could participate in the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Little did I know, he was planning on something even more special. 

(of course..there's that darn crane!)

We arrived super early to the park for a Be Our Guest reservation and while we were taking family photos in front of the castle, he told the kids he wanted one "just of mom and dad". It was in that moment I realized something was up. Then he romantically dropped to his knee and asked me. That's right ladies – swoon!

He even was smart enough to go to the front desk at our resort and have buttons premade! Trust me guys, you'll want to have them ready to go! And ladies, the fun attention it brings is fantastic!!

Meeting Gaston, he asked my fiance if he proposed in front of his fountain. When I replied "no", Gaston told him "that's probably a good thing. She'd have said no to you after seeing MY handsome jaw line and she'd be wanting to marry me instead!"
At 1900 Park Fare, Lady Tremaine made sure I was marrying for money and gave my ring a disgusted look. Telling my fiance he could have done better. (JOKINGLY of course...and she whispered a happy congrats to us)

Now, while the castle if obviously the hot spot for getting engaged, I made a list of 5 other romantic/fun ways to propose at Disney. So pay attention boys or better yet, ladies feel free to share this with them ; )

1) Cinderella's fountain. Located behind the castle and to the left is beautifully crafted fountain dedicated to Cinderella. The unique part is that when you bow in front of her the crown is "placed upon her head". What a great spot to make you feel like his princess!


2) Snow White's wishing well! To the right of the castle you'll find once again, a beautiful wishing well dedicated to Snow White. How amazing would it be to throw a penny into the well, turn around and there's your prince charming kneeling in front of you!! Now the only downfall to this, is that the smoking section is literally next to it. BUT, don't be discouraged. Not many people know about this spot and I rarely see people there, let alone smoking.

3) Did you know that you can rent a yacht on Disney property?  That's right! Take a tour of Bay Lake just outside of Magic Kingdom and not only will you have an amazing view of the fireworks, you'll have an amazing backdrop for that perfect moment!

(For more information on booking the yacht, please contact your Travel Time agent!)

4) Victoria and Albert's.  Hands down this is one of the most romantic restaurants on Disney Property and can be very hard to get into. They have a dress code you must follow, so don't expect to walk in with shorts and Mickey ears on. But with a view of Magic Kingdom and those fireworks, you can't beat a romantic dinner for two. Want to impress her even more? You can request the Chef's table where you are catered to by the chef himself.

 5) Character Meet and Greet or even on a ride! Character reactions are funny as it is, so add something wonderful like a proposal and they go crazy! Do it in front of Mickey or Minnie! OR even her favorite character around the parks. Even more creative, propose on a ride! You know those photos at the end of the major rides, why not hold up a sign behind her and surprise her at the end, when she's checking out the photo? Something fun and unique.

Here's one last tip and this is probably one of the most important!!!  MAKE SURE YOU GET A PHOTO!!  My fiance knew I wanted pictures of this. So he made sure he did it in front of a Disney photo pass photographer. They are very easy to find and if you mention to them what you're about to do, I can promise you that they will make sure they help capture the moment. If you plan on asking at a dining reservation, pull the waitress aside and hand her your phone or camera. Again, Disney cast members LOVE these events!

Disney is magical. It's one of the reason we all enjoy traveling there. Proposing or even being proposed to at Disney makes the magical feeling that much stronger!
Congrats to all of those who've recently been engaged or even gotten married!

By Agent Brooke

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