Friday, August 18, 2017

A Tribute to La Rambla and Beautiful Barcelona

My sadness for the people of Barcelona is palpable.  Besides prayers, I don't have a lot to offer to those affected by the terror attack on La Rambla, so I decided I'd share some of my photos to celebrate the beauty of the street and its people.

La Rambla is the featured tourist hub of Barcelona.  At any given day, you can walk down this wonderful area and experience culture, glorious food and drink, fun hotels, interesting shops, and street performers.

This performer was vocal, but just the head:) he laughed loudly, and made kissing noises as people walked by.

Most of the street "statues" stay so still they may as well be made of stone.  Takes a lot of talent!

Colorful characters were everywhere, and it was obvious they love the area and their contribution to it!

The architecture is just incredible. We spent hours just gazing around at the buildings!

Artists selling their creations

This street artist was very talented.  Lots of artists congregate on the street.

Rentable bikes

Lots of tourists enjoy visiting places like McDonald's an KFC in foreign destinations!  We didn't, we were more interested in authentic cuisine

La Rambla is tree lined and gorgeous

We got a kick out of "Dunkin' Coffee"

We visited on St. George's day, where people exchange flowers and books.

A visit to La Rambla and Barcelona in general isn't complete without trying the National dish.

This seafood Paella was simply delicious.  

We also tried Sangria, and nowhere in the world have we had Sangria as wonderful as in Barcelona.  All replicas pale in comparison.  We were given bread in the Catalan way, which is crusty bread rubbed with fresh garlic in the clove and fresh tomatoes with oil and vinegar.

One of the most delightful things we experienced was the large food market. The atmosphere was delightful, and the colors and life there was a pleasant sensory overload!

There are many wonderful streets and squares off of La Rambla to explore

The Barcelona Cathedral is worth a visit

I have a tradition of lighting a candle for a few loved ones at every church I visit.  The Barcelona Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches I've had the privilege to see.

Our prayers and sympathy extend to the injured and the families of the people that lost their lives.

By Lucy