Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The long awaited arrival of Breakfast at Be Our Guest is finally here! I visited BOG on the second day of breakfast service and much to my surprise it went off without a hitch! (I always expect slow wait times or errors in the first few weeks of something new) Breakfast service runs EXACTLY like lunch service! You may pre-order your food before your trip or order when you get inside (we order inside because you may change your mind when have that menu in your hand). We managed to score an 8:30 am reservation for 8 people! Yes that meant we could get into Magic Kingdom a whole 30 minutes prior to opening! I love this option as we get some AMAZING photo opportunities without so many strangers coming home and hanging on our walls with us (see below). Breakfast at BOG has a set price (for now) of $19.99/adult and $11.99/Child. Every meal comes with a pastry platter as well (and boy were they ALL delicious!) The pastry platter included assorted muffins, croissants, chocolate chip croissants and cinnamon rolls. I have posted the menu below for you all to drool over. Be sure to add the BOG breakfast option in on your next Walt Disney World trip, it is well worth the price! 

By Travel Time Agent Rachel