Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What is Disney's Best Kept Secret? Adventures by Disney!

What is Disney's best kept secret? Adventures by Disney.
Never heard of it? That's okay, many Disney fans are not familiar with Adventures by Disney. Adventures by Disney is the ultimate Disney vacation. It is a first-class level of traveling the world, with Adventures available in six of the seven continents. From the moment you step off the plane, you are in Disney's hands. 
This year, in addition to many exotic International itineraries, Disney announced three new itineraries, right here in the US. They are the 'long weekend' trips, which are offered in San Francisco, CA; New York City, New York; Nashville, Tennessee; and a returning favorite, Winter in Wyoming.
Each of these itineraries are 4-5 days in length (3-4 nights), and like all the other Adventures available, include your top notch accommodations, most meals while on the Adventure, any transportation during the Adventure, admission & activities while on the Adventure, the service of two Adventure guides + local guides, taxes & gratuities (to local guides, Disney Adventure guide tips are additional), luggage service, and more! 
But you ask, what is so special about these trips that I cant do on my own? First, Disney provides a level of service we all know & love, it's what keeps bringing us back! Second, these trips provide insider access to places that one would not normally experience. For example, in San Francisco, Adventurers get to visit Lucas films, and watch a movie at the Premier Theater.

In New York City, backstage access to Good Morning America, as well a Broadway dance experience.

In Nashville, a private, after-hours tour of the Hermitage, previously the home of former President Andrew Jackson.

And these are just a few of the VIP experiences offered! Lines?  Forget about it.
Let Disney help you experience first-hand the cultures of the places you visit. Taking a long weekend Adventure with Adventures by Disney is the perfect way to break in your experience, and often, you wouldn't have to travel far from home. And pairing these adventures with an expert travel agent from Travel Time Travel gives your trip an even higher level of quality.
What are your memories worth? Discover the difference only Disney can bring you.