Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Flying with children under the age of 2 years old by Travel Time Agent Heather

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 By Travel Time Agent Heather 
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Most people that want to travel to a Disney theme park have to take a plane to reach sunny Florida, and a big thing that can make you hesitate is the thought of being stuck on plane with a crying, wiggling child…here are some hints to help make that trip a little smoother;
I just recently completed a trip between New York and Florida with my 22 month old child, in my lap, via plane. And I can tell you before the trip I was in panic mode! I don't normally like to fly myself, but now I was going to have to try and keep a normally active toddler seated and entertained for more than 2 1/2 hours! (and with a layover), and my son ended up having a double ear infection! Well I did survive and he was surprisingly well behaved (most times) I'll share some of my tips that i used to keep my sanity and the other passengers’ sanity as well, lol.
Here they are in no particular order:
·     Take your children to the doctors before the flight to check for ear infections! My son was prone to ear infections and he hadn't really been pulling at his ears or anything, I just wanted to be safe, well turns out he had a double ear infection. I took him a day and a half before the flight and the doc told me his ear infection would not be cleared up by the time we had to fly out, so give a good 3-4 days cushion to help the ear infection clear up with antibiotics. (we flew anyway with some advice from the doctor, and medication, ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST!)
·     PACK SNACKS ~ My son is happy if he's eating, and don't worry about stuffing your child, or giving them too much junk food....after all how many times do you really fly, make it a treat for them!
·     Bring a drink for your toddler to suck on for takeoff and landing. I had contacted TSA before I flew and found out that if you are flying with a child, that they are not subject to the 3oz liquid rule, I brought 3 Capri Sun juice packets for my little man to drink, I just had to declare them to the TSA security officer before my bags were scanned.
·     Bring a change of clothes for your toddler, turbulence is common and so are spills and leaky diapers. We experienced the later and my Little Man ended up walking around the next airport with only a diaper on and no shorts because I forgot to pack an extra pair...learn from my mistake.

·     Bring a portable DVD player, or do what I do, always fly JetBlue (I love that every seat has its own personal t.v. in the headrest)
·     First Class or Not First Class, that is the question...well for me the extra money for the "extra room" seat was WELL worth it, in a normal seat I literally couldn't move with my toddler in my lap, and I couldn't reach the baby bag at my feet
If you have a layover and know what airport you're flying to, get on the internet or call the airport and find out if they have play areas for kids, its a great way in between flights to burn off some of that energy from sitting still so long, you'd be surprised a lot of airports have these now...mine did...THANK GOODNESS!

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