Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Review: The Coca-Cola Rooftop Beverage Bar in Disney Springs- International Flight Tray

The Coca-Cola store at Disney Springs, Walt Disney World’s shopping district opened in July of 2016. It is modeled after a 1920’s Coca-Cola bottling plant and features exclusive branded merchandise, meet and greets with the Coca-Cola Polar bear, and unique tasting opportunities for the young and the young at heart.
Coca-Cola Store Disney Springs

Chandelier made from re-purposed Coca-Cola Bottles

 Inside the store is a beautiful show stopper, the 30 foot chandelier. It fills the entry and is entirely comprised of green globes that were recycled from old Coke bottles. It truly gives you the fizzy feel of the bubbles inside your Coca-Cola. 

The store itself is comprised of three floors. The first two floors are jam packed with Coca-Cola merchandise for the avid fans who want to show off their love for anything Coke. The third floor offers beautiful panoramic views of Disney Springs from the roof top patio and includes a bar serving up Coke inspired cocktails, mock-tails, floats, as well as flights of international Coca-Cola products.
Floor on the way to Coca-Cola Polar Bear

The roof top area has a very contemporary, minimalist feel, offset by pops of that Coca-Cola red we all know and love.
Roof top Bar

View from the roof top
Look who we found upstars!

And now, let’s belly up to the bar and check out the menu…

The bar menu offers a huge assortment of bottled and fountain beverages as well as the Freestyle machine; where guests get chip-enabled Freestyle Cups (similar to the refillable resort mugs) allowing up to 5 refills within an hour of purchase to try out selections of the 100+ flavor options.
Today we are trying the International Tray which is comprised of sixteen different drinks from around the world. Be sure you have free hands because you will receive two full trays, eight cups on each, along with an envelope providing you with the origins of each sample.

International Tray

International Tray One

It features the Stoney Tangawizi from Tanzania which is a ginger beer with a strong ginger bite.

Stoney Tangawizi

The Fanta Exotic Fruit Punch from Uganda, a fruit punch with a very “punchy” flavor.
Fanta Exotic Fruit Punch

The Bon Bon Anglais from Madagascar which is very akin to carbonated lemonade.

Bon Bon Anglais

The Sunfill Mint from Djibouti has a prevalent mint flavor but to me was far too close to mouth wash.
Sunfill Mint

The Minute Maid Joy Apple from Korea has a very soft apple flavor.
Minute Maid Joy Apple

The Fanta Apple Kiwi from Thailand is very sweet and the kiwi is strong with this one, young Padawan. It is also the most beautiful shade of green, just like my engagement ring!
Fanta Apple Kiwi bares a striking resemblance to Peridot

The Smart Watermelon from China has a light watermelon flavor; this one is very nice and refreshing and has been showcased at Club Cool in Epcot. One of my personal favorites.

Smart Watermelon

Last one on tray one is Thums Up from India. It is very similar to that of the original Coca-Cola yet also contains an interesting spice flavor.
Thums Up

Onto the next tray…

International Tray Two

First up, the Beverly from Italy. If you’ve visited Epcot’s Club Cool or read anything about it, then you’ve likely heard all about (and probably tried) this bitter beverage. This infamous beverage has a very love/hate relationship with the individuals who have tried it. Me personally, I do not like it but I am a glutton for punishment, so I tried it again! And yes, YUCK again!


For us just like at Club Cool, watching the faces we make after trying it is the best pay out. Bleck!

Post Beverly

Now that that is over, the Aquarius Libre from Spain has a citrusy grapefruit flavor which I enjoyed.
Aquarius Libre

The Fuse Tea with Berries from Georgia is a standard tea with a hint of berries, but it’s mostly tea flavor.

Fuse Tea with Berries

The Bonaqua Fruits Apple Pear from Germany has a very tart sour apple flavor but there was just not enough pear to balance it out. 
Bonaqua Fruits Apple Pear

The Lift Manzana (which means apple) from Chile is just like drinking a very sweet apple cider. Pretty tasty.
Lift Manzana

The Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica has a nice sweet, bright red, cherry soda taste to it.

Fanta Kolita

My absolute favorite on this tray, which is also featured at Club Cool, is the Inca Kola from Peru, with its smooth, sweet citrus flavor.
Inca Kola

And finally, the Delaware Punch from Honduras. This is another fruit punch concoction containing a tarter undertone than the other fruit punch on the menu.
Delaware Punch

Despite the Beverly being on tray #2, I can say we enjoyed that tray better. Hardly any of those cups were left full.
Tray 2 almost empty

For Disney guests like us, who do not partake of alcohol but truly love trying unique beverages and are looking for more variety, I highly recommend the International Tray. It was a great way to spend a Halloween afternoon enjoying the views and shops at Disney Springs.

By: Kris Floyd

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