Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Skip the check in desk at your resort at Disney...new awesomeness on the Magicbands!!!

What fun.  If you do online check in for your Disney World onsite resort, you can actually bypass the check in desk completely when you arrive at the resort! 

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I experienced this twice on our recent trip to Disney World.  I received an email and a text, stating my room number at Port Orlean's French Quarter was ready, giving me the number, along with a link to a map of the resort.  It showed us exactly where our room was, and I could tell my request for a corner room had been granted! 

Sure enough, when we arrived at the resort via Magical Express around 5:30 PM, we walked right by check in and to our building, and I held my Magicband to the door lock and voila, it unlocked.  How cool is that?!

The only tricky thing is the pin number for onsite purchases.  The one that I had set up online did not work, so we did have to visit the lobby to get that straightened out. 

We were offsite for a few days at Universal, then returned to Disney. On our way to the Grand Floridian I received a text.  We were staying concierge, and I had informed them we'd arrive around noon or 1 PM.  The text (and a subsequent email) gave our room number as well as a room location link.  I could not figure out by their map if we had been granted our request (a lodge tower room, of which there are only a couple in our building).  It turns out we hadn't been given our room choice, but unlike the link to French Quarter I only figured that out by googling floor layouts while on the ride to the Grand.

The whole Magicband concept is quite amazing...Magical Express access, room key, bypass check in, tickets and dining plan automatically loaded in, disability passes if needed, charging privileges...just really fun.  Universal Orlando, although making giant strides in the theme park industry, lags quite a bit in this area.  At one point we had entrance tickets, room keys, keys to the concierge lounge, park express passes, and then later Halloween Horror Nights tickets and express passes for that.  Lots of little pieces of paper to keep track of (and to lose, which my daughter did with her HHN Express pass, discovered when we were about to enter a haunted house).

Disney's websites might be leaving something (many things?  Anyone else tired of Stitch eating the page?) to be desired, Magicbands are truly a brilliant innovation.

Plus, they are fun to buy and decorate.

By Lucy

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