Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Be Our Guest...an "expert" dines there for the first time review! Walt Disney World

I have a confession to make.  I finally just now dined at Be Our Guest.  The reason that might be a bit strange is because of the literally hundreds of reservations I've made for other people for Be Our Guest. 

It started back when Be Our Guest wasn't finished being built, but reservations opened one frantic day, and I happened to be a reservationist for Disney Dining.  My first call was a travel agent, collected and organized, and I made at least 30 reservations for her clients and she loved me so much she offered me a job (which I thought was hilarious, she had no idea how spot on she was with suspecting this business was right up my alley but of course I didn't tell her that on the phone).  For the rest of they day almost every single call was for Be Our Guest, and I felt terribly sorry for anyone trying to get through to Dining for other purposes on that day, since the wait times were several hours.  Disney was begging cast members to work as long as they were willing. It was fun, I will admit, until I had to start telling people it was already booked solid.  Not so fun.

Then, any time I was lucky enough to be visiting Walt Disney World, the trip was planned too quickly and we could not get into Be Our Guest.  Finally, in the planning of my daughter's 21st birthday I had enough advance notice to score a reservation for our party.

At one point, my Mom said she didn't want to go into a park.  I told her that I would miss her at dinner, but I was going anyway!  I managed to convince her to come and we had the nicest meal of our entire trip.

Even if you have a reservation, unless you are at the beginning at the meal period you will probably wait anyway.  You check in and receive a pager, and spend some time on the bridge connecting Fantasyland with the Beast Castle.  Time for some pictures! 


We also had the opportunity to peruse the menu while we waited. 

After about 20 minutes we entered.

We were lead to our table in the Castle Gallery, walking through the Grand Ballroom.

Castle Gallery

I did manage to sneak a visit to the West Wing too, oddly feeling like Belle may have as she was exploring the castle!

My opinion on the three rooms...it felt sort of like the Castle Gallery was the throwaway room.  Most of the room was empty although the restaurant was booked solid.  The main ballroom was full of life, and the snow at the windows was charming.  The West Wing has great atmosphere but was small.  You cannot ask for a particular room ahead of time, and if you want to try for something specific ask at the same time you are checking in, otherwise it isn't even possible.

The wine list was fun, and my daughter ordered a $17 glass of wine. Yes, that is correct.  However, she claimed it was absolutely excellent, and it was a fairly sizeable portion.

The food not only looked good, it was delicious!  

For dessert we felt like stuffed turkeys, so we elected not to order dessert.  Our server brought my daughter the "grey stuff" (try the grey stuff, its delicious, don't believe me, ask the dishes!)

Our server was absolutely excellent.  He did a superb job, was very friendly, anticipated things we might need, and in general gave us a great experience.  He wrote my daughter's name in his native language on her card!

My opinion of the prices is they aren't that bad.  There are entrees for more frugal people, and there are options for people who choose to splurge.  A more affordable way to dine at Be Our Guest is to book breakfast or lunch, which are quick service dining experiences.

The only character that appears is Beast.  He only visits at dinner, and he just pops in and waves, he doesn't visit individual tables.

I highly recommend this experience, it is unique and fun.  Just plan ahead, or book your trip with a travel agent that will plan ahead for you!

By Lucy

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