Thursday, October 22, 2015

Disney's Magical Express complimentary airport it works! 2015

Magical Express has evolved over the years but is essentially the same as when it first began.  The concept is simple yet brilliant.  Disney has made getting to its property free (well, included anyway) and easy...a direct artery to the magic of Disney and irresistible to an unlimited amount of people.  How simple!  How easy!  It is really an amazing marketing concept as well as a practical one.  Disney knows the easier things are for a guest, the more likely they'll spend more money.

Magical Express must be added to a resort reservation, it isn't automatically added to a room or package.  Sometimes people don't know their flight information at first, and that is can be included in the beginning and flight information added later, or you or your travel agent can add it after flights are reserved.

Upon final payment of the package (or roughly a month before travel for room only reservations) yellow Magical Express tags will be mailed out.  If you want additional tags for more than one checked bag per person, that can be requested.  Make sure anything you need for the first few hours of your resort stay is in your carry on baggage, including things like swimsuits and Magic Bands. Before you arrive at your departure airport, place the tags on each of the checked bags, and drop them off as usual.  When you arrive to the Orlando International Airport (MCO) you proceed directly to level B 1 (SKIP baggage claim), and go to the Magical Express check in.  Have your Magic Bands easily accessible as you land, because Magical Express is the first time the bands will be simply scan your band, and will be directed to the appropriate line for your resort. 

Once in line, I personally have never waited longer than 20 minutes, and typically it is much faster.  You'll be directed to your motor coach.  Board, sit back, and 35-40 minutes later you'll be pulling into Walt Disney World.

Once you arrive at your resort, you'll proceed to the service desk outside if you need luggage assistance, or continue on to check in or your room directly if you have received a text or email with your room number, see this BLOG for more information on that.

The day prior to your departure, you'll receive envelopes from Magical Express outlining your pick up time.  Make sure you look at it, because if anything is missing you'll need to give them a call to make sure your pick up time is correct. It will be approximately 3 hours prior to your flight departure.

On the day of, just be waiting by the Magical Express motor coach pick up area, and you'll be collected for your trip to the airport. 

A couple of tips...don't sit in the first few seats, because you might get a chatty driver like we have in the past, and sometimes you just don't want to be chatty!  There will be videos on your way to and from the resort, some that have helpful tips.  The videos used to be much better, now they seem somewhat piecemeal, but try to watch them anyway.  Drivers do accept gratuity and should be tipped, especially if they helped you stash your bags.  The motor coaches are operated by Mears Transportation, not Disney, although they are Disney busses. 

Here is a link to some more helpful tools: Disney Planning Tools

Written by Lucy

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