Thursday, October 22, 2015

Disney World Resort Airline Check In on the day of your departure from the property

Airline check in has been around for quite some time at the Walt Disney World Resort, but it has evolved.  At first, it was just at certain resorts, and certain airlines.  Now, they work with just about every airline, and they have the ability to assist you to check in and pay for your checked luggage and give you a boarding pass, enabling you to bypass any counter and go directly to the security check point at the airport.  Orlando International Airport (MCO) is a lovely airport in that it has great shops and dining, but the security lines are heinous almost all of the time, and unless you have TSA Precheck, you'll be waiting forever in lines with cranky brats irate that their time with Mickey has ended (and their kids are irritable too!).   At least you don't have to wait at airline counters in addition to the superfun experience of the security check point.

How it works
Between 5 AM and 1 PM typically (make sure you verify), your resort airline check in counter will be open.  Your luggage must be dropped off no later than 3 hours prior to your departure flight time.  You can check yourself in online if you are used to that, and even pay for your checked luggage, or you can do it the morning of when you go to the counter.  Be aware when it first opens it will be busy, and the closer it gets to 1 PM the busier it gets.  We went at 10:30 AM and there was very little wait.  The counter is typically near the outside bell services desk, but ask a Cast Member for the location at your resort.  Make sure you bring your IDs, whether it is a license or a passport.  They will weigh and tag your luggage, and off it goes, to be seen next at your home airport.

Yes, you read that right. You walk away without the hassle of your checked bags (and if you are anything like me, you probably have an extra bag or two at this point because you bought too much stuff).  You are free to enjoy the rest of your stay before you have to depart for the airport, weighed down by only your carry ons (and even those can be held for you at bell services until you are ready for them). 

In other words, DO THIS.  It makes things so much easier than trying to drag it all to the airport.

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Written by Lucy,
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